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I’m on a road trip for work this week, which means lots of driving, and lots of hotels and motels of varying quality. I review several showers and hotel artworks in this video. YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT. Also, share your hotel horror stories in the comments! *** Me on Twitter: http://ift.tt/1s8dacy Me on Tumblr: http://ift.tt/1qtOMzc Me on my very on website: http://ift.tt/1s8db0g

The pub situation in Coronation is utterly macabre via Instagram http://ift.tt/1uJofo4

Holy living fuck via Instagram http://ift.tt/1oMZFxS

Nice little city #medhat. Enjoying a small, well-earned drink tonight via Instagram http://ift.tt/1lbS8nl

The mosaic of flying grain elevators via Instagram http://ift.tt/1AsuI71

The art in the Lacombe Memorial Centre is pretty nifty via Instagram http://ift.tt/X7ANXr


cat by carlos alberto



(via thetrentwilkie)


.@bingofuel has things sorted. #interstellarrodeo

Perfect bluebird for #interstellarrodeo via Instagram http://ift.tt/1AmRCwO

If I had to describe this particular rodeo, I’d use interstellar as an adjective #interstellarrodeo via Instagram http://ift.tt/1rJlWh5

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